The Beginning…

I have never done this before, so I am curious what will happen…

As I have spent these past two years working two full time jobs (e.g., LA Conservation Corps’ After School Program during the day, and KidTrek during early mornings, late nights and weekends), I have been moved by one thing:

How can we truly change lives?

In other words, what will it take to truly see our children today become Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults…a thought process that led to the development of KidTrek’s new mission statement.

Are drop-in-centers or after school programs enough? What about Evangelism rally’s or Outreach nights?

Through my 12 years of living and working amongst the poor of inner city Los Angeles I have thought about this often as I see kids who were in “programs,” even Christian ministries, desiring to do good with kids through these programs (some of which I contributed to in one way or another), only to see the children grow to be in just as bad a place as if they had never been in a “program” at all.

As I have studied the concept of “resiliency research” for the past two years, I have come to the conclusion there is only one way to do this:

…through the presence of long term, committed, consistent adults.

But again, so what if they become “productive adults,” and yet grow up not knowing Jesus? What have we truly given them if they gain the world but lose their souls? Therefore these adults must be men and women who fear the LORD God Almighty and believe Jesus is the only one who can truly bring these children, and their families, eternal joy and peace.

And because this will be so intense a commitement I have also come to the conclusion that volunteers cannot do this as effectively as adults who are able to make this a full time commitment.

So this Blog will be a commitment to opening a discussion…a forum…as to why should we send missionaries to America?

The great commission in Matthew 28 commands us to “make disciples of all nations,” is not America a nation? And what about Acts 1, where we are told “to be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth”? We are great at being a witness (i.e., sending missionaries out) to the utter ends of the earth, but what about Jerusalem (our cities) and Judea (our states) and Samaria(our nation)?

I know, I know, so you say that is what the church, more specificially church planting, is all about. But by in large, based on my perspective, church planting in America, though it may not be intended to be so, typically just involves a new place for current Christians to move to. So I ask, “Where is the mission field here in America?”

May I suggest it is found, it begins, in Deuteronomy 6, where we are told “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is One….” then The LORD proceeds to command us to not forget that.

And how do we not forget that? In verse 6, we are told to do it by “walking with our kids” through life in such an intentional, long term, committed manner they will grow up to become Christ-changed, hope-filled productive ADULTS who will turn their community, their state, their country, their world (Matthew 28, Acts 1) upside down through their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

KidTrek is preparing this “walk” by hiring, training and sending out missionaries to strategic places around America. Visit for specific details, or visit to follow this project and how we are pogressing.

Hopefully you now see why KidTrek thinks America needs missionaries, but why do YOU think America needs missionaries?

Please, let me know what you think…I value your thoughts.


One response to “The Beginning…

  1. I completely agree that you need Missionaries to America. I have been working as a full time worker for a Christian after school program that partners with KidTrek. I live on site where the program occurs…in a low income apartment complex. It is trying and overwhelming at times…so you MUST know that you are called. It would be easy to leave and run when it is hard…so if you KNOW God has called you to this ministry…then you will stay. The kids love having me on site. They will say hi to me anytime I leave my apartment. They have made friends with my kids…they are a part of my life. This affects them for Jesus. They feel I am a part of their world. I have also seen that it brings them security. So many people have come and gone in their lives…here at the center…but they have said that they don’t think I will leave…because I live here. That doesn’t mean I will be here forever…but while I am here…I am happy they feel safe. I have had a little 2nd grader come crying to my apartment because she was scared when her dad wasn’t home. I am able to be available for them.
    This is something that is so vital for kids. They need committed adults who will love them unconditionally…and be committed to them.

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