Welcome! My name is Joseph Parker, and I am the President & CEO of KidTrek. I have created this blog as a discussion forum around topics related to why we need to consider sending missionaries to America.

Being today is Tuesday, September 18, there is a good possibility if you are reading this blog right now it is due to receiving KidTrek’s new e-newsletter, The Walk.

KidTrek of course has a specific and strategic plan in what we believe it looks like to send missionaries to America, but there may be additional reasons you can think of as well. Please join the discussion and let us know what you think.

If you have not yet been there, visit our website at www.kidtrek.org for more information on joining The Walk; or visit www.whymissionaries.com to learn more about Project D67 and how you can get involved.

Please join us in fulfilling God’s Deuteronomy 6 mandate to walk with our children through life, so they may become adults who are not only productive in society, but know him, fear him and love him.


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. The e-newsletter & blog look great! Parying for you all and want to encourage you to keep on loving kidd for Jesus!

  2. Funny, I am not sure why but the word press automatically used my web alias for my name, I kept it just for fun. This is your cousin Larry.
    The blog, and whole website look good. And relatively easy to navigate.
    As for missionaries to the States, I see the need more and more here in Chicago, as a volunteer or as they say “bi-vocational” pastor, it is probably not a stretch to say I am one myself.
    I think what Dad has told and what I see here, what you are seeking to do looks very exciting.

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