Be Praying

I have not been able to post at all this week due to the crazy schedule of putting on a “mini” staff conference. Though the schedule has been hectic for me…it has been an amazing time for us.

Now that I (Joseph) am President, I wanted to cast the Vision with the staff of where I believe we need to be headed the next one, two, three…five years, and then for us to talk as a Team as to HOW we will get there.

We began Monday with “The Big Picture,” then Staff Development on Tuesday, Basic Training yesterday (that was a truly amazing day), and now today we will be discussing Coaching and Friday our need for Funds Development.

Please be praying for us as we develop this important mission.

Please be praying we are open to God leading us as He leads us.

Be praying God gives us the wisdom, courage and discipline we need to take what we have talked about this week and accomplish this great task.

Oh, and through this whole experience, we came up with the concept of the Joshua Stones.

“What are the Joshua Stones?” you ask.

Well, ask me sometime and I will tell you all about them :).


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