The Point

In a recent edition of Chuck Colson’s daily e-newsletter, BreakPoint, he writes about celebrating their Blog’s 1st anniversary. The Point is an amazing Blog in that they have over 20 employees working on it all the time, posting stories, asking questions, evaluating and commenting on recent events.

Chuck Colson is of course the founder of Prison Fellowship, a worldwide ministry to not only those in prison, but everyone affected by their being in prison (e.g., spouse, children, extended family, society, etc).

If you have never visited The Point, I suggest you do so immediately. It is a great resource for getting a Christian world view on politics in America, not to mention an amazing array of resources on the need for us doing more with at-risk families.

With over 3,000 visitors a week they are the second largest visited site (not just blog, but site) in the evangelical world.

Go ahead, take a look and let me know what you think.


2 responses to “The Point

  1. You are welcome Gina! I love what you, and the other contributors, are doing with The Point.

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