Farm Drive Neighborhood Center

Assuming you are visiting our blog today after reading today’s issue of our e-newsletter, The Walk (if not, please visit our website to subscribe), here are some fun pictures of what’s happening in San Jose, CA: Editor’s note: I have recently changed (10/10/07) some of the picture originally posted to better reflect current events at Farm Drive…the original pictures I posted, as it turns out, were pretty old.

Shirt hanging in a window; seems innocent, right? Not really, this is just one small sign of the reality of living in the Farm Drive community of San Jose. (i.e., a signal, “we are open for business”). Editor’s note: actually, in the Farm Drive community, I just learned, the color of the shirt would be red, not blue…but you get the idea.

Farm Drive Neighborhood Center
Farm Drive meets in a local apartment building.

A Farm Drive Core group
A Farm Drive Core Group.

Another Core group…all grown up
Another Core Group…growing up at Farm Drive.

Memory Verse
A sample memory verse kids focus on for an entire month, learning to apply God’s word to every aspect of their lives.

Street Hocket Tournament
Through the relationships the kids are building at Farm Drive, they are able to participate in fun activities like a Street Hockey Tournament; something they possibly would not have otherwise been able to do.

The Cross
An amazing mural painted for the kids to continually be reminded (see Deuteronomy 6:8-9) of the Truth of who God is, compared to the other “reality” they face as seen in the first picture above.

Please be praying for Betty, Patty and the whole Farm Drive Neighborhood Center. Pray for their effort to reach kids in their surrounding community.

If you live in and around Hillside Church contact Betty directly (Click here to find out how) about how you would like to get involved in their effort to produce Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults.


2 responses to “Farm Drive Neighborhood Center

  1. This is an awesome ministry. It has been an honor to serve alongside of them. Wanda

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and our square peg blog. WOW! It is so cool to me that there are people in other parts of the USA doing this same thing. It is so cool how God can connect people and give them hearts that have the same focus but miles away. I have tears in my eyes right now thinking about it all. I love your ministry and I am so thankful the the Lord for it. I am praying for your kids!

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