America’s “Invisible Children”

Have you heard of the ever growing movement/cause to help the Invisible Children of Uganda? Visit their website…the link I’ve placed here has a short video that is VERY moving!

This idea behind Invisible Children is an amazing cause to help war-affected children get better education opportunities, enhanced learning environments and innovative economic opportunities for their local community.

I believe that this is a very important cause, one we most likely need to support; but I ask the question,

“What about America’s Invisible Children?”

Are you aware that right now, as you read this post there are hundreds, if not thousands of American children being forced into gangs, very similar to these Ugandan children being forced into becoming soldiers?

The largest, most pervasive and deadly gang in our nation (established in 33 states) is Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). And why was it started? Young children being forced to defend their own land (whether in El Salvador or here in the Sates), growing to be adults knowing no other life.

Read this Newsweek article written earlier this year and you will get not only a feel for the blood curdling affect of their deadly reach, but the sorrow of seeing young children forced into a life they would not otherwise have chosen for themselves.

Think if these kids had someone, somewhere, to walk with them through life, giving them an opportunity to not only succeed and to feel safe, but to understand, and believe there is an Almighty God who loves them and cares about them?

What are we doing to educate and improve the quality of life for children in America who, many times, have no other recourse than to join a gang simply for the sake of survival; simply for the sake of having security.

KidTrek’s plan is to so radically change a community, with the church being the central hub of that community, that there will be no need for gangs. Kids will grow into Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults that no longer need a gang to provide the empty safety and hope it says it will bring, only to find it is a lie.

Won’t you join The Deuteronomy 6 Walk?


One response to “America’s “Invisible Children”

  1. Wow! What a powerful opportunity we have to change kids for HIS sake! The video was so powerful about the kids in Uganda…and to think that this same thing is happening in the U.S. is so shocking and sad. I just imagine my own kids in this situation and think “what would I do to help them?” I would do everything I could…so why won’t I do more for children who are just as important as my kids…the Lord loves children…and they are ALL precious in his sight. I need to be praying for these kids and asking what can I do? It’s so easy to ignore the “ugly” things around us…the things that seem too “dirty” for us to deal with…other people will do that…but I don’t need to get involved. But…what if we ARE that “other” person who is supposed to be getting involved? We have to look, seek God and see what He would have us do.

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