America’s “Invisible Children” prt.2

Wanda Parker

Eight years ago part of the Lord’s direction which led to the founding of KidTrek was a constant barrage from those in ministry with me at the time. I was continually being told that my expectations were too high. Many a tear was spilled as I cried out to the Lord asking Him if I was hearing Him correctly.

I was flying home from Chicago after a particularly difficult time of being told how wrong I was. Curled up next to the window I cried out, “Lord am I as far from Your will as they are saying? Am I not hearing you correctly? If I am wrong I want to change.”

Suddenly, as if He was sitting in the seat next to me I heard, “Wanda this is not your vision it is Mine, no one has a right to change it. To reach these “Invisible Children” it is going to take prayer and fasting, but not fasting from food. It is going to take adults who are willing to fast from the things they want to do for themselves because they are spending so much time with the children.”

I don’t know about you but when I believe I have heard the Lord speak on something this important it always concerns me – I may just be hearing what I want to hear. So I asked the Lord, “If this is truly from You please confirm it.”

That next week I was sitting in my office in Los Angeles when an After School Center Director whom I had trained dropped by. She told me she had been driving around and praying where her church was planning to plant a new church. She was overwhelmed as she watched drug dealers openly exchanging drugs on the street corner while preschoolers ran in and out amongst their legs.

“Wanda I cried out to the Lord and asked Him how we were ever going to reach these kids, how we were ever going to be able to make a difference. You know what He said to me? He said, ‘It is going to take prayer and fasting, but not fasting from food. It is going to take adults who are willing to fast from the things they are doing because they are spending so much time with the kids.'”


To reach the “Invisible Children” of America it is going to take adults who are willing to fast and pray. Adults who are willing and able to give up doing what they want and pour into the lives of these kids.


6 responses to “America’s “Invisible Children” prt.2

  1. I love what the Lord said to you about fasting. This is so true, that adults have got to stop and take time to pour into the lives of invisible children. What a revelation!

  2. Thanks! That is why KidTrek is placing missionaries into churches across America. These individuals will be dedicated to working with at-risk kids and their families. If you want to know more go to our website

    We covet your prayers as we take this huge step of faith – believing it is the Lord leading us.

  3. When I started using the Kid Trek curriculum several years ago through an after school program offered at our church, I was skeptical. I had never used anything like it before. I voluntered to teach the Bible Focus every 3 weeks. After two years, I’m finally getting it. It reaches the kids, especially in their thinking. It nourishes their soul. I’ve never been fond of the word “holistic”, but the lessons certainly ministser to the heart, mind, body and soul.
    I give thanks for being able to offer the chidren such valuable lessons.
    This year my husband and I became empty-nesters. We both wanted to volunteer together, so we committed to being mentors twice a week with the after schoo program. I also continue to teach the Bible focus every third week. Truthfully, I was reluctant to commit at first because of the time element. I didn’t think I was ready to give up my time two days a week. Our gracious God showed me otherwise. This is time spent for the kingdom and it will reap eternal benefits. The kids are spiritually thirsty and it is a blessing to be a little part of God’s plan to guide and encourage them.

  4. Thanks Kathy – that is so encouraging. May the Lord bless both you and your husband as you walk through lkife with the children.

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