The Walk

by Joseph Parker

Have you ever had a “moment?”

You know, that certain moment when you know you were somewhere, with someone, or doing something you just knew God had orchestrated?

I had one of those “moments” on Tuesday.

I started reading Strategic Global Assistance’ monthly Leadership Letters back in June and I was immediately hooked.

I thought, it may be a shot in the dark, but I am going to email them and try to learn more about their plan to develop Christian Leaders. Not only did they respond, but I was able to meet with them this past Tuesday as they have been in town for a Training they are leading in Pasadena.

Long story short, I was reminded, if not challenged, to stick with the vision we have. I was reminded that the heart of what we are trying to do, as commanded in Deuteronomy 6, is to walk with kids through life. That is, to develop Christian Leaders using Jesus’ own model of discipling, walking with his 12 disciples through life.

And so, as I thought about it, as Christians, we are commanded to walk with people through life…to make disciples of all nations; just as Jesus did with his disciples.

What does that mean? What does that look like. It may look like KidTrek’s model…it may not!

Depending on the church, the organization, the ministry, the mechanics may look different from one place to the next…aaaah, but the heart of the mission is the same…to walk with kids/people through life.

It is so simple, but as we all know, at the same time so difficult. Why can’t we grasp Deuteronomy 6?

Are you walking with anyone through life? If you are a parent, I am sure you are; but do we stop there? What will it it take to really raise up kids to become Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults who not only fear the Lord God Almighty, but love Him with all their heart, soul and might?

And then there is you and me.

Is there someone walking with you through life? Who is discipling, exhorting, challenging you to fight the good fight, to run the race to its end, to keep your eye on the prize?

I pray God not only moves you to do this with someone, but that he puts someone, like he has done with me, in your life who will walk with you through EVERY aspect of life…that is, both the good and the bad.

God bless you in your trek.


2 responses to “The Walk

  1. Joseph- you were a BIG encouragement to us as we heard of how your vision to build kids in Christ. We look forward to serving with you in designing forms to build Christ-like leaders among kids! We’re in this together!

  2. Thank you Lisa,

    I am really looking forward to next week. I am truly blessed by our Lord to have been put in contact with SGA! God bless you all.

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