David Crowder Band

By Joseph Parker

This past weekend my wife, Kelly, and I were invited by some friends to go see the David Crowder Band at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. I must confess, I had never heard of the Crowder Band before, but after Saturday night I am hooked!

Not only is David Crowder an amazing talent, you could feel God’s anointing power as he led us in worship. I quite honestly never felt like I was at a concert, but I was in a time of worship.

The other thing that connected me with David Crowder, is his heart for the poor. Before the concert, he sent out a mass email to his fans to bring towels and socks for local homeless shelters.

And he didn’t stop there, he challenged everyone in attendance to consider their responsibility, as Christians, to give to the poor.

I have attached a YouTube video of his song, “Everything Glorious.” If you are not into an 80’s techno type sound you may not enjoy the Crowder Band’s style of music, but I encourage you to get past that and listen to his lyrics and how he applies the video to them.

God’s glory is everywhere, even in the midst of this fallen world we live…do you see it?


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