Launch Pad

If you are visiting our blog for the first time, this post is in reference to The Walk’s (our e-newsletter) most recent Issue focusing on Launch Pad, a KidTrek Associate ministry.

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You may also read past issues of The Walk by visiting our Project D67 landing page, not to mention learn more about our effort to partner with the local church in walking with at-risk families through life.

Here are some recent pictures of life at Launch Pad, a ministry of the Church of St. Clement in El Paso, TX:

Middle school kids at camp in New Mexico

Launch Pad middle schoolers at camp in New Mexico.


In the playground

Kids enjoying the playground at the church.


Middle school art

Kids are challenged and encouraged to expand their art skills.


Chat n Chew

Every Bible lesson is followed up with debriefing; a time to discuss and apply
what they just learned to their every day life


Firefighter fun

Launch Pad helps the kids get connected to their community,
inviting firefighters to come and talk with the kids for instance.


worship during family time

Launch Pad even has one of St.Clement’s pastors come and lead worship during their Family Time together.


Reading during homework time

As with all our Associate Ministries, kids are challenged to develop their reading skills through “read alouds;” whether that be the kids, or the secondary nurturer, reading to the group; this has had a profound influence on their ability to progress in their reading skills.


Depositing money at Launch Pad bank

While incentives are important, our real goal is to teach children the life skill of proper money management through earning, depositing, spending and saving/investing money…and of course the importance of tithing; through this experience kids are daily challenged with the pros and cons in life of proper and improper use of their finances.


Joint effort

Through it all, the kids are learning to work together…as a family.


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