By Wanda Parker 

No child left behind is a term with which most Americans are familiar.  But what does it mean?

Of course “education” is probably the immediate response.  But I believe if we are truly sincere about not leaving a child behind we must address the needs of the whole child – spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially. 

Who can do that? 

  • The school can’t – they aren’t allowed to provide the spiritual (and I wouldn’t want them to).   Plus how much time does a teacher have to spend in the home getting to know the family, or interacting with social service professionals?
  • Social Service Providers can’t – they aren’t allowed to provide the spiritual.  Plus do they have time to get out and play games with the kids?
  • Secular programs can’t – they aren’t able to provide the spiritual. 
  • The government?

 Whose responsibility is it?

If you haven’t read the book of Amos lately you might want to do so.

The Body of Christ is able to do it – IF it is willing.

I’ll continue this later in the week when you’ve had a chance to read Amos.


2 responses to “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND

  1. The responsibility, in the Jewish community, begins at home, before the child is old enough to enter school, the traditions of Judaism are taught to them from the Tanakh (Old Testament). Once the child enters school, the parents teach the child, before and after school, and the Jewish child attends religious classes, and attends classes to prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

    The Old Testament is the foundation, not a stepping stone. The Old Testament is the way.

  2. jewwishes,

    Thanks for your comment. This would be true in a Bible believing Christian home too. The at-risk kids we serve come from homes where the primary-nurturers are not nurturing. Children are left to grow up with little or no adult nurturing.

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