by Wanda Parker

Did you have the opportunity to read Amos over the past couple of days? I reread it and wow! What a challenge.

Amos 5:24 “But let justice roll down like waters.

What is justice for a child?

I believe we are told what justice is for a child in Deuteronomy 6:7 – as I read this I see each child with an adult who is walking through life with him/her. An adult available to nurture him/her spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially.

As mentioned in the previous post – I believe that the Body of Christ is given the responsibility to do this. We CAN do this IF WE ARE WILLING!

Amos warned the people that God didn’t want to hear their praises or listen to their music because they weren’t following Him. A sign of their lack of “seeking Him” was their lack of care for those with needs in their society. America has thousands and thousands of children who are growing up with little or no nurturing. What greater need, what greater poverty is there? Where is the Body of Christ?

Will the church “stand in the gap” for them? If you are part of Christ’s Body are you willing to “stand in the gap” for the “Invisible Children of America?”

If you are at a loss of how to “stand in the gap” KidTrek has some ideas. You can become a Missionary/Secondary Nurturer and acutally serve at-risk kids and their families full time; you can be a Giving Warrior supporting the missionaries on the front lines; you can be a Prayer Warrior holding up to the Lord the needs of the missionaries, the kids and their families. You can also pass the word and get others to Join The Walk meeting the needs of the “Invisible Children of America.”

I have never met a child that deserved to be left behind – but thousands in America are.


2 responses to “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND part 2

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  2. I agree that churches and Christians in general don’t want to do the hard stuff of really spending time with those in need. I hear of programs that help kids with homework for one hour once a week. While that may help a child for this school year, what etenal difference will it make? If we gain the whole world, but lose the Savior, what have we really gained? And what will we answer the Lord about how we spent our time, money, and talents/resources? I pray that Christians will heed this call to nurture the children in poverty of soul as well as poverty of material things.

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