The Bottom Line

by Joseph Parker

This You Tube video clip of a Paul Washer Sermon was forwarded to me yesterday. I think it poses a great question to us as Christians.

But I want to suggest this is also a challenge…a plea…for us to consider how we are walking through life with our children.

Watch the video…think and ponder its implications for you…your children…your church’s community. What do YOU see as the bottom line issue for a Christian? I would love to hear what you think.

I will respond myself to this topic on Friday’s post…for now watch…listen…and ponder this 4 minute challenge:


6 responses to “The Bottom Line

  1. Interesting extension of the PW argument to the Church as a whole:

    Pastor Paul Washer
    is American Christianity really Christian?

  2. gk,
    Thanks for the comment; I just watched the video you attached…interesting to say the least. While I agree with the message I heard Paul Washer conveying, I am a bit confused by the “additional” message that was added by through the pictures, video clips and added text across the screen. It appeared to convey more of a political message than the one I would assume Paul Washer was originally intending.

    Check back on Friday to see where I am taking this and what I believe is the church’s responsibility…in America.

  3. I think the video starts with the title somewhere “Words v. Deeds” then follows with the(in)famous preacher Ted Haggert, former president of the American Evangelical association, with the National Prayer Breakfast with rock star Bono preaching with Pres. Bush.

    The contrast is of course political, but not partisan, with Iraqi Economic sanctions and bombing being applied by “Christians” of both parties.

    So take Paul WWasher’s condemnation of a Godless culture, which describes itself as Christian, and believers must consider whether or not this is really a Christian nation, and whether the corrupt Churches silent on these issues, are really Christian as well.

    Also at Google Video and BlipTv (good version)

    This is close basically to the argument of internet patriot Christian preacher Zeph Daniel, which is that the entire world system is under Satan’s dominion and the true Christians live apart from such a world.

    see also (disturbing not for kids)

    Psalm for Satanica (the world system)

  4. zeph daniel fan,

    Thank you for your comment, and again…very interesting. I think I would agree with most of what you said (except possibly your last paragraph).

    Unfortunately, in this particular case, I have not heard Paul Washer’s original sermon used by Zeph Daniel in this video gk refers to (honestly, of the 23 minute video, I think only 5 minutes of it were from Paul Washer’s original message). For instance, I can take any sermon, including Mr. Daniel’s, and turn it into any message I want using sound clips.

    That is the danger in such a video as this. And so, while there may be some valid points being made, I think the name of God is being “used” to try to communicate a message that was not originally intended by Pastor Washer.

    And while the world may have been given over to Satan (by God), for a time, we must remember that it was handed over. Meaning…God is sovereign, He is in control, and we should be putting our focus on Him, not His enemy.

    It also means that while we are still a part of this world…we are ALL still sinners…not just the politicians…which, as I recall, was a very valid point Paul Washer made to his audience (“I don’t know what you are laughing at…I am speaking to YOU!”). Remember zeph daniel fan, you and I are a part of this “godless culture” you referred to…you and I, apart from Jesus, stand condemned with it.

    We are ALL lost and we ALL need Jesus. Praise you Father for your great mercy and grace toward us…we are sinners that do not deserve you Jesus…thank you for loving us while we still were lost in our transgressions!

  5. The original sermon by Paul Washer has been on many internet sites. It is a very convicting sermon, along the lines of sermons by the old-time preachers. It was strong spiritual meat. The video by Zeph Daniel takes that sermon and makes a chaotic, political statement. No matter what one’s politics, where we will spend eternity is what matters. This sermon was meant to wake up Christians to what true Christianity is really all about. The Lord Jesus commissioned us to preach the gospel, which is what Paul Washer did, not to push a particular political agenda, which seems to be what Zeph Daniel was doing. Where was the concern for souls in the Zeph video?

    I have read Zeph Daniel off and on, and I have noticed he has a habit of mixing truth from the Bible with politics, and even more dangerously, with his own brand of theology, which is very suspect. There are websites with pages that point out the serious errors in his preaching.

    Anyway, the Paul Washer sermon is absolutely great all on it’s own. I am sure it has led many into questioning the easy believism that is preached from pulpits nowadays, and into a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I recommend that anyone who has seen this strange video we are discussing here, listen to the original sermon and see how powerful it really is.

  6. Seek Truth,

    All I can say is, “Amen!”

    Thanks for the comment.

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