Invisible Children of America: What can I do to make a difference?

by Joseph Parker

By now, if you have been tracking this blog, you are getting a pretty good idea of KidTrek’s focus. Particularly as it relates to walking with “at-risk” kids through life in an intentional, long term manner.

Maybe you have other ideas as to why America needs missionaries (please tell me); but I truly believe to be effective, to make a long lasting change, we must have adults willing to sacrifice and commit to walking with kids through life in America!

Just as missions organizations are sending missionaries to Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, KidTrek is sending missionaries to cities all across America.

We are seeking them out, hiring them , training and equipping them for a very important mission field here in America. Read our newspapers, or watch the 6:00 news each day and you can see the reasons for our need.

Everyday kids are dropping out of school, getting pregnant, using drugs, being abandoned, being abused (physically and emotionally), and yet we continue to only meet the need with band aid solutions. We throw millions of dollars at after school programs, thinking if we just keep them safe and provide homework assistance, that will be enough.


The reason kids are failing school and getting into trouble is not for a lack of education, a lack of money, a lack of good teachers…it is for a lack of consistent, committed, LONG TERM adults in their lives OUTSIDE of their home…outside of mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, etc.

KidTrek is looking for Christian men and women who believe they are called to America’s mission field. We are looking for men and women who know God is calling them to make a commitment to walk with at-risk families through life, being and reflecting the body of Christ to these families.

If you are one of those men and women, or you know of someone who you believe is, send them to our website and learn how they can become a missionary to America.

Challenge them to pray and then research what this will take by sending them to our website. Here are some quick links you, or they, can visit to learn more:

1. How KidTrek is unique from other “programs.”
2. A KidTrek missionary is what we call a Secondary Nurturer; read about it by clicking on the article.
3. Read about a missionary’s involvement with a KidTrek Center here, and here.
4. KidTrek’s FAQ page.
5. Finally, visit our Become a Missionary page to read why we believe this is needed and to get access to the Mission Description and application.

If you have suggestions or thoughts on this, please let me know what you think; I would love to follow up on any ideas you may have.


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