Making a Difference: Novaland (San Bernardino, CA: Sycamore Ridge)

Here are some pictures of Novaland in San Bernardino, CA, the focus of today’s Issue of The Walk.

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Getting involved; helping out
Kids are challenged to give back…not just receive


Collating fun!
Collating fun…can’t I just do my homework?


Teens being challenged in God’s word during Bible 101


Relationships key to lessons taught
As Deuteronomy 6 mandates, relationships with committed adults are at the heart of every lesson.


Theater fun
Kids enjoy a field trip, building relationships in a safe way that also gives them additional experiences they would not otherwise have.


Christmas joy!
Yes, even the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) are key life lessons we experience with the children. Through Novaland kids are introduced to the true meaning of these important holidays they would not otherwise experience.



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