What can I do for the Invisible Children in America?

by Joseph Parker

I see it all the time on blogs, websites, emails, etc:

“I see the need, but what can I possibly do?”

Did you read my post on Wednesday? Somehow I don’t think so.

KidTrek’s semi-monthly e-newsletter, The Walk, continually shares stories of what is happening with America’s Invisible Children. But more important, how Christian adults are stepping up to the plate and walking with them through life.

KidTrek is in the process of interviewing/screening and training/equipping adults to become missionaries who will walk with America’s Invisible Children through life.

You read the paper, watch the 6:00 news, walk down the street every day…you see the evidence of where America is heading.

What will YOU do about it?

We need to stop twiddling our thumbs, going to discussion groups where we debate about what we SHOULD do; we need to ACT!

I want to challenge you to ACT…to respond to the call to Join THE WALK God commands us to follow through on in Deuteronomy 6.

This is how you can get involved right now:

1. Prayer

2. Giving Generously to Project D67

3. Networking

4. Volunteering at a local KidTrek Associate Center near you.

5. Become a KidTrek Missionary.

STOP talking and start acting!

If not with KidTrek, then find a ministry/organization that aligns with your passion, your call, your interest…but stop talking and start acting!


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