No Child Left Behind…Really? What were WE doing yesterday?

by Joseph Parker

How many “after school programs” (whether secular or religious in nature) were open yesterday, on Thanksgiving day?

I know from past experience there may be one or two that did “activities” with families from their programs, but beyond that 99% were closed yesterday.

But how many of us invited these families into our very homes?

How do we say we desire for no child to be left behind, but then ignore them on a very important holiday?

As Christians…as the body of Christ…what are we doing for these “at-risk” families outside of our “programs?”

How often do we consider sacrificng our football game, peace and quiet in our homes, for walking with a family through life?

In Isaiah 58:6-12 the Lord God Almighty admonishes us that fasting from food is not the fasting he desires of us; the fasting he desires is that we sacrifice the everyday things we enjoy doing so that we may take care of the widow, the orphan and the poor.

I have attached a “cheesy” video from the Christian Band Stellar Kart; but the message behind their lyrics are powerful and a good reminder to Christians we need to stop relaxing and sitting back to wait for something to happen.

Read Isaiah 58:6-12 (click link above) and then watch the video.

If we truly desire to Leave No Child Behind, we need to “Activate;” step up and get involved in the life of “at-risk” families in more intentional ways than a mere “program” offers.

There is a world out there in need…what are YOU doing to get activated in the need to reach the widow, the orphan and the poor in your community?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 responses to “No Child Left Behind…Really? What were WE doing yesterday?

  1. Good point. Too often we as a Church abdicate our church to government-sponsored education and then complain when they don’t inculcate them with our values.

  2. I meant to say “abdicate our children to government-sponsored education” Oops.

  3. pistolpete,

    Thanks for the comments…I agree…and no worries, I got what you were saying:).

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