“Republicans are asked: ‘What would Jesus do?'”

by Joseph Parker

I was reading various blogs this morning and came across this article on the Republican debate the other night, written by Mark Silva for The Swamp.

What caught me most was not just the “interesting” take on the debate, but the very emotional, if not angry, comments that were generated as a result of this debate. Apparently we all have very strong opinions on this subject.

Putting politics aside though, this is a very important question, particularly in relation to why we need missionaries in America.

For KidTrek, we believe the Bible to be God’s ONLY inspired and revealed word, absolute and authoritative in ALL matters of life. The reason I place this here now is I feel we must disclose that this drives how we serve and act.

Our view of the authority, inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture drives our belief that everything we do must be God-centered, not man-centered/humanistic in nature.

That is, everything God does, as is shown in his Holy Word, is done to bring him glory and to exalt His name…not ours. Everything that happens to us and for us is for God’s ultimate glory…and how we interpret, and what we believe, the Bible to be directly effects how, and if, we will serve Him.

I hope that as you read our posts you get that from what we are writing. Our view of the Bible, who God is, and why he sent His son Jesus to be THE substitutionary atonement for our sins directly effects everything we are about and everything we will do.

I have copied and pasted some of the candidates thoughts on the Bible, but I AM NOT endorsing any candidate or particular party here; I am simply using this debate on the Bible, that is an obviously hot one in our country right now, to disclose our views and to hear your own.

Read them below and let us know what you think about the Bible.

We are open to discussion, debate and even disagreement; we just ask you please keep it clean…no need to bash someone (that goes for ALL sides).

Again, try to avoid the politics of this discussion, I am copying/pasting Silva’s take on the debate of what these men said only to start our own discussion here on this important topic.

When asked,

“Do you believe every word of this book? Specifically, this book that I am holding in my hand.

“Do you believe this book?’’

Giuliani said:

“OK,’’… “The reality is, I believe it, but I don’t believe it’s necessarily literally true in every single respect.

“I think there are parts of the Bible that are Interpretive,’’ he said. “I think there are parts of the Bible that are allegorical. I think there are parts of the Bible that are meant to be interpreted in a modern context.

“So, yes, I believe it,’’ he said. “I think it’s the great book ever written. I read it frequently. I read it very frequently when I’ve gone through the bigger crises in my life, and I find great wisdom in it, and it does define to a very large extent my faith.

“But I don’t believe every single thing in the literal sense of Jonah being in the belly of the whale, or, you know, there are some things in it that I think were put there as allegorical.’’

Romney said,

“I believe the Bible is the word of God, absolutely. And I try to live by it as well as I can, but I miss in a lot of ways,’’ said Romney. “But it’s a guide for my life and for hundreds of millions, billions of people around the world. I believe in the Bible.’’

Every word, moderator Anderson Cooper asked?

“You know — yes, I believe it’s the word of God, the Bible is the word of God,’’ Romney said. “The Bible is the word of God. I mean, I might interpret the word differently than you interpret the word, but I read the Bible, and I believe the Bible is the word of God. I don’t disagree with the Bible. I try to live by it.’’

Huckabee said,

Sure. I believe the Bible is exactly what it is. It’s the word of revelation to us from God himself. “And the fact is that when people ask do we believe all of it, you either believe it or you don’t believe it. But in the greater sense, I think what the question tried to make us feel like was that, well, if you believe the part that says “Go and pluck out your eye,” well, none of us believe that we ought to go pluck out our eye. That obviously is allegorical.

“But the Bible has some messages that nobody really can confuse and really not left up to interpretation. “Love your neighbor as yourself…

“As the only person here on the stage with a theology degree, there are parts of it I don’t fully comprehend and understand, because the Bible is a revelation of an infinite God, and no finite person is ever going to fully understand it. If they do, their god is too small.’’

I firmly believe our view of God and His word plays a direct role in how we handle “missions” and serving him in every context of our personal lives…working lives, etc…which in turn effects our ability to persevere verses burn out.

Please, tell us what you think.


4 responses to ““Republicans are asked: ‘What would Jesus do?'”

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  2. Thanks B.J.

    I will check this out. I hope I was clear in this post on what our stance is in regards to God’s word.

  3. Your Welcome Joseph, Looks Like Huck Might Run Again.

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