Heroes, part 1

by Joseph Parker

Have you seen NBC’s television program, “Heroes?”

I must confess, I have only seen parts of one or two episodes, my time availability does not justify watching it (though I think I could easily get sucked into its plot).

The reality is that it is growing in popularity. Everywhere I turn it seems there is an advertisement or some person I run into talking about it.

At the same time we have movies such as Spiderman, Superman, Hitman; NBC has even brought the Bionic Woman back recently.

Why? Because deep down inside we are all looking for a hero; and television and movie producers know that.

In Friday’s post I talked about KidTrek’s stance on the Bible being the sole authority in representing God’s word. It is on this basis I want to talk about heroes.

Think about the heroes in the Bible, a good place to start is Hebrews 11, also known as the Hall of Faith.

In Hebrews 11 we read of great men and women of faith such as Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, (we haven’t even got out of Genesis yet), Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David and Samuel.

The list of course goes on, whether Hebrews mentions them or not.

But who is the true hero of the Bible?

No matter if all these men and women played vital roles in the story, God is the hero in all of them!

In all KidTrek does, we believe we need to walk with kids through life in such an intentional, long term manner they will come to know God, more specifically Jesus, as the hero of their lives.

Through these relationships they will come to understand that no matter how hard life gets, no matter how much life represents Hell right now, God is good, God is sovereign, God loves them and has a plan for their life.

The story of redemption and God’s desire to seek us out, is the consistent story of God being the greatest hero anyone has ever known; and we want children to grow to become adults who not only know this in their heads, but believe this in their hearts (see Deuteronomy 6).

At the heart of every story we tell, as Christians, should not be a man-centered theme with a man/woman as the hero, but a God-centered theme with God as the hero (from Genesis to Revelation).

KidTrek is preparing to put men and women in the lives of children who do not have consistent, healthy, God-fearing adults in their lives, through which these kids will see God, not these adults, as the hero of their lives.

And to be able to do this in an after school “program” is not going to be enough. It is a start, but it is not the end.

Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime please let me know what you think about this.


2 responses to “Heroes, part 1

  1. I absolutely love superheroes! I had a superhero birthday party … for my 30th! I often daydream about being a superhero and I am an avid fan of almost all superhero movies (Supermans 3 and 4 never happened though). I’m a fan of the TV show as well. Do you know you can watch episodes for free online in about 40 minutes? Anyway …

    I grew up reading comics like Spider-Man, Firestorm, Superman, etc. and I’ve reflected a lot on why I’m so drawn to them. I think it certainly has something to do with the heroic acts and amazing powers heroes possess … who wouldn’t want to fly or have super strength or be able to climb walls?

    I think the biggest attraction is that superheroes are so obviously special, extraordinary and well … super. They make a difference. I think we all have a longing to be special and do fantastic things – and in a way we can live that out vicariously by diving into the worlds of Metropolis or Gotham City or any other realm of the alter egoed. For me the challenge comes in moving from my imagination into the reality of the kingdom of God and reminding myself that I am special. Each of us is extraordinary in the sight of God. We are precious to him and he has given us the ability to make a difference. It’s not going to be by foiling the plots of Luthors and Jokers and Magnetos, but by loving those around use and caring about the things God cares about and acting on them. Our powers are prayer and compassion and love and the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. And while the heroes of fantasy fight for the well-being of their damsels and the safety of their cities, we fight for the very souls of God Almighty’s image-bearers – quite a calling.

    Just some thoughts. I wish I had heat vision with the Chicago weather we’ve been having … ick.

    Up up and away,


  2. Brad,

    I agree the Lord has given us an amazing calling to fight for souls. I also agree that through the Holy Spirit we have been given power we can access through prayer.

    I believe you left one important component out – TRUTH. Compassion and love apart from truth are nothing.

    That’s why our kids today have so many false heroes. They don’t know the TRUTH so they grab for anything that brings comfort.

    By the way – you are one of my heroes.

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