Heroes, part 2

by Joseph Parker

Who is your hero?

Think about it for a moment; we all have someone in our life we have looked up to and possibly continue to do so today.

I believe this is a very important thing God has established in our lives. At times we, as Christians, denounce “superheroes”, or the concept of having a hero at all, as though that will take God off his thrown.

And while it is true, we should not put such a person in the place of God, turning such a person/figure into an idol; I do believe God has intentionally put people in our lives to reflect himself to us.

Whether it be Abraham, Moses, King David, Nehemiah, Rahab, Deborah, Paul or Peter, God gave us heroes in the Bible, and heroes today, to model for us how to live and follow him.

Who is your hero?

This is why I see Deuteronomy 6 as such a pivotal chapter in the Bible; in some ways, I consider it to be the Great Commission chapter of the Old Testament.

That is, how will we know the Gospel, the Good News, of God’s love for us? How will we continue to live and walk with God throughout our lives?

God says in Deuteronomy 6 that when we walk with our kids through life in such an intentional, long term manner HE will bless us and give us a long and fruitful life, because our kids will grow up witnessing adults living out the TRUTH of who God is and the plan He has for our lives through consistent love and nurturing the way God intended it to be.

Did you catch that?

There are two sets of “heroes” here:

1.) Adults: kids

2.) God: Us

God commands us to walk through life with kids in such an intentional way kids will continue to love Him and fear Him their entire lives…these adults become heroes in the kids lives by consistently showing who God is to them.

But as Deuteronomy 6 so clearly explains, the real hero of the story is God himself. God is the one who will reach out to us, God is the one who will help us, God is the one who will bless us and give us what we desire.

And NOT because we deserve it, NOT because we have earned it based on our merits (e.g., walking with our kids through life)…

BUT because of His great mercy.

The LORD God Almighty is our hero…or at least should be!

Who is your hero?

Please share with me who your hero is and what made that person a hero to you.

**Please do not give the “Christianeze” answer and say God or Jesus; as just stated we all know He is all of our hero (or should be). But who did God give you to be that Deuteronomy 6 hero in your life?


4 responses to “Heroes, part 2

  1. Well I can’t give a “Christianeze” answer since I’m Pagan, but one of my heroes was a Christian.

    You wouldn’t recognize his name so I’ll leave it out of this comment. We served together in the military and were involved in a great deal of unpleasantness.

    Much of why I think of him as a hero is that he was sure in his heart that what we were doing would damn his soul to Hell, but he did it anyway because the people back home were worth that sacrifice.

    Death is easy; what he was doing must be the definitive example of hard.

  2. Jonolan,

    Thank you for sharing…that is a great example!

    I can’t even imagine what sacrifices you and your friend went through on our country’s behalf…THANK YOU!

    For that reason, those of you who do such things, sacrificing for us “back home,” are my heroes!

  3. I have to say that my mom is my greatest hero. My father died when I was just 5-years-old and my sister was only a year old. My mother worked hard every day until she retired at age 65. But she never complained; she always relied on the strength that God gave her as well as the people in our lives who served us in so many ways. Our biological family was always there for us and many, many friends of my mom’s and dad’s provided emotional and physical support in many ways – rides since my mom didn’t drive, financial support so we could go to camp each summer, and just being present with us through life. My mom at 94-years-young still lives alone and does all her own housework. She is still a major part of my life, by phone and visits as often as possible. I thank God every day for giving me this wonderful mother. She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman!

    God has also blessed me with a husband who is a hero, not only to our family, but to the staff and families at the school in Chicago’s inner city where he is a counselor. Our children and grandchildren thank him every year on Veteran’s Day for being a hero in Viet Nam. He does what he does every day without thanks or appreciation because he knows that this is where God has placed him to serve Him.

    This is a great subject to explore, Joseph. Thanks for giving this idea to reflect on today.

  4. Hello Joseph and team – I enjoyed reading the Heroes articles and scanning the Deuteronomy 6 and Hebrews 11 references. I continue to be focused these days on the preparation of lesson plans for the Fathers and Sons Together (FAST) ministry, and one of our definitions of an authentic or real man is that he does what God wants him to do (instead of just going along with the world). Joseph, there are three paragraphs in the Heroes Part 1 article that say it all for me:

    In all KidTrek does, we believe we need to walk with kids through life in such an intentional, long term manner they will come to know God, more specifically Jesus, as the hero of their lives.

    Through these relationships they will come to understand that no matter how hard life gets, no matter how much life represents Hell right now, God is good, God is sovereign, God loves them and has a plan for their life.

    The story of redemption and God’s desire to seek us out, is the consistent story of God being the greatest hero anyone has ever known; and we want children to grow to become adults who not only know this in their heads, but believe this in their hearts (see Deuteronomy 6).

    Yes, if we could all know in our gut that God is good (he really has our best interest in mind) and God is sovereign (he really is in charge of everything)…well, then we can truly trust him and walk in his love.

    It is a privilege to share this truth with kids, and to be affiliated with this ministry that focuses on sharing this truth with kids.

    So Joseph, you ask “who are my (human) heroes?” Near the top of that list are Joe Parker, Wanda Parker, and Joseph Parker, for all the reasons discussed above.

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