“Will you pray my daddy will send me a card for Christmas?”

by Joseph Parker

I recently received an email from a KidTrek-trained adult (secondary nurturer) passing along this child’s prayer request.

You see, this child’s daddy left the family five years ago and has not been heard from since; it is believed he returned to Mexico.

I was told that whenever a conversation regarding “dads” comes up, the child becomes very sad and depressed.

Not surprising.

Yet, this child has an adult willing to make sacrifices; walking through this tragic circumstance in the child’s life.

Granted, this adult will never replace “daddy,” but God is working through this adult to introduce the child to Himself.

This side of heaven there is NO perfect father; we all sin against our children, regardless if a father sticks around or not.

But to have adults outside of the home willing to sacrifice his/her time and resources to introduce them to our Heavenly Father is imperative.

In addition, for those fathers who are trying so hard to do everything they can to provide for their children (leading to their inability to be there in ways their kids need)…

the church needs to step up and walk alongside them.

These parents, and their kids, need adults equipped and committed to walking through the development of their children WITH them, not for them.

Please pray for this child and the thousands like “him” in America who will be celebrating this Christmas without a Father in their home.


2 responses to ““Will you pray my daddy will send me a card for Christmas?”

  1. What a terrific ministry. I know that for my husband, leaving his daughter behind was the hardest thing he ever had to do. But he knew that if he stayed, he would never be able to provide for her. God has blessed his faith and, Lord willing, she will be in our home within a couple of weeks.

  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for visiting our site; I am truly blessed by your and Roberto’s story.

    It is always exciting to see how the Lord works to provide for His children. I will continue to keep the three of you in my prayers. God bless you!

    Anyone else reading this post and/or comment and interested in a Christmas Miracle, God is in the process of answering a similar request as the one I talk about in this post for Elizabeth and her husband. Click on Elizabeth’s name above to read/learn more.

    Thank you Jesus!

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