Church-based After School Programs in America

by Joseph Parker

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Are Christian, church-based, after school programs in America doing all they can to change kids lives (KidTrek included)?

That is, are we just helping keep them off the streets and improve their grades in school…or are we applying the Great Commission to this very important ministry to kids as well?

How are we discipling them and walking with them through very important aspects of their lives?


HOW TO START A CHURCH BASED AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM click here There are three posts on this topic.


9 responses to “Church-based After School Programs in America

  1. maxwell kwabena agyeman

    i need invitation letter to come to the program,i want to hear from u soon

  2. Will you be offering training this summer 2010?

  3. We are offering on-line training. It is one-on-one dealing with the uniqueness of your ministry.

  4. My husband and I are interested in starting an After School Program this year for our community and we would like to get advice from experienced workers of this profession. He is the Pastor and we both have a heart for our youth. All help will be appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Latricia, I would love to help you all I can. Write me at

  6. We have been blessed with an outstanding need to reach families in our area with a church based after school program. This need was just noticed last week and school started this week so we know we could not just jump in without a plan. I am interested in knowing how to set this up right and reach these families with the love of God.

  7. Wendy,

    I would love to help you think this through. Write me at

  8. Paige Henderson

    Hello, I’m interested in starting a church based After School Program for the children around the neighborhood of my church. I wanted to know if you had some tips and pointers on what to do, and if i do charge for the program how much is too much. I’m 22 and trying to start part of my career. I would really just like some guidance and some tips on how to handle everything that comes with running a program.

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