My Favorite Christmas Story

by Joseph Parker

What’s your favorite Christmas story?

Yes, it may be obvious, but my favorite Christmas story ever is…

God the Father, realizing I could never measure up to His standards…

sent His only son Jesus to be born a man…

for the ultimate purpose of substituting himself on my behalf for the penalty (i.e., death) due my sins…

thereby making me legally right before God…and making it now possible for Him to adopt me into His family…

God being the hero of the story…

and I had to do nothing to earn it!

Despite the fact I deserve a heinous and terrible death for my grievous rebellion against God, His grace and mercy shown me through Jesus’ substitutionary sacrifice, is the best Christmas story of all!!!

I can’t wait for kids all across America to grasp the reality of this Truth!

Tell me, what is your favorite Christmas story?


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