Competition, A Tool, Not A Vise, In Nurturing Children

By Wanda Parker

What do you think of using competition as a tool in nurturing children?

We have just posted a “White Paper” at our website which explains KidTrek’s position on using competition as a tool in nurturning children.  When you get to the website scroll down the page and click on the link “Competition: A Tool For Emotional Development.  You may print the paper to share with others if you like.

After reading the paper please come back to the Blog and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t been to our website before “take a walk through” and discover KidTrek’s vision/passion for at-risk kids. 

Yes, the picture at the top of the web page is of me many years ago when I lived and served in a migrant  labor camp in Texas.  The other picture is my husband.  We met while serving as VISTA Volunteers in “Johnson’s War On Poverty.”


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