Are We Making “Monsters” of America’s Invisible Children?

by Joseph Parker

In todays edition of Chuck Colson’s e-newsletter, BreakPoint, Mr. Colson addresses the tough issue around Major League Baseball’s scandal caused by the Mitchell Report.

But what I love about Chuck Colson is that he doesn’t beat around the bush…he tells it as it is…and in this article tells us we need to stop looking at professional athletes, and take a look at ourselves.

That this is not just an issue of athletes “cheating,” but an issue related to our own desires; thereby propagating the attitudes and actions which follow.

Have you read Wanda’s post on Competition: A Tool, Not a Vise, in Nurturing Children she posted the other day yet?

If not, I invite you to visit this post where she gives you a link to a new white paper we have just published on our website.

In this paper KidTrek is not talking about the effect of drugs on kids in sports, but rather the positive effects of competition when used in a good way, verses the common negative manner it is so often used.

So many of America’s Invisible Children are not being raised by parents (or even adults outside of their home) to think critically and deal with life’s tough and difficult circumstances that will be thrown at them.

So that by the time they are 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years old they do not know how to properly deal with losing, or winning for that matter.

If we TRULY want to see kids grow to become productive adults, we must stop feeding OUR needs, as adults, that were not met when we were kids.

Competition, when used properly, can be a fantastic tool to teach kids good life skills, particularly as it relates to dealing with the difficulties they will face throughout their life.

But that tool is QUICKLY manipulated and destroyed when we ourselves do not know how to deal with competition in a healthy and productive manner.

What is your bottom line goal when playing a game with a child? What is your focus?

To win?

Or, to teach life skills that will help them grow into mature, productive adults?

Read the Colson article here, read our white paper…then come back and let us know what you think.

We value your input, thoughts and ideas on this topic!


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