Heath Ledger Dies

By Wanda Parker

Last night as I drove home from a center the only thing being talked about on the radio was the death of Heath Ledger.  This young man seemed to have everything – money, fame, a beautiful daughter, and as one commentator said, any woman he wanted.

Yet he is gone.  Most likely due to an overdose of drugs.

What drove him to the drugs?  One quote I heard was that he had recently said that he didn’t have to go on living because he is leaving himself behind in his daughter.  Again, we see so called adults more concerned about themselves than about the children for whom they are responsible.  I wonder how his daughter is going to feel when she is 18 and has heard/read this statement over and over.  Will she think, “I am only here to keep my father’s name alive, but he didn’t love me enough to walk through the pain of life with me.”

She is an at-risk kid!  Perhaps her father was too. 

I can’t help but remember the laughter of the kids I was with last night.  It brings a smile to my face.  As they spoke of God’s love for them there was a peace.  I sat back amazed as the Director asked questions and interacted with them.  I was amazed at their faith, their knowledge, their desire to know Almighty God – Jesus. These kids live in circumstances that many of you would think is hopeless – but they have hope.

They went through an exercise where two foods were put on the table.  They were told they could eat the cookies, but to them the best was the cornnuts and they were told they weren’t to eat them.  The cornnuts were just for the adults.  There was a volunteer who tempted the kids and told them they could eat the cornnuts.  All but two boys said, “No, our leaders told us no.” Then they read Genesis 3, the story of Adam and Eve tempted by Satan and their fall.  The kids were getting it.  “That just happened to us,” they said.  They were challenged to think about all the ways they may be tempted to make the wrong choices. They talked about who might try to tempt them – friends, relatives, sometimes even parents.

Heath Ledger needed strong supportive adults to walk-through-life with him.  He needed adults who knew how to think critically and teach him how to deal with the pains of life.  He needed to know how much Jesus Christ loved him and would have given him peace if he would have just submitted to Him. 


4 responses to “Heath Ledger Dies

  1. It is sad to see anyone go w/out Christ. We assume this is what happened to Heath.

    What would be nice is if somehow this incident turned out to be a prompt for his daughter down the road to come to Christ. God is mysterious in His ways! I pray that through this, people are touched and pursue our Holy God!

    Thanks for your heart and blog! Stop by and visit my spatterings sometime! – Stephen

  2. Stephen,

    Thanks for your note.

    God does work in strange ways. The older I get the more I see it.

    I would love to take a look at your blog but there is no connecting link.

    God bless,


  3. You stated that Heath Ledger felt he could die now that he had a child. But he also said he did not want to die and that you want to live so you can be with your child.

  4. Dee,

    You are correct. When I wrote this I had only heard the first portion of his statement – later I heard the complete statement.

    Thank you for the correction.

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