Why Has The Christian Church Abdicated It’s Role As the Center of the Community

By Wanda Parker

The Christian Church has abdicated it’s role as the center of the community.

My definition of Christian Church is a group of people who believe that the Bible is the ultimate truth and they are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ..

There was a time when true “Christians” were much more involved in the lives of those who lived around them.  I can remember going with out a new outfit (my one of the season) because my mother had given the money designated for that outfit to someone who had less than we did.  I remember adults in our church spending time with an adult to bring him to sobriety.  I remember that when there was a need in the community people knew they could find help from those in our church.

The church cared for the needy – not the government!

Today the needs are so much greater but it seems fewer Christians are involved with the needs around them.  Why?

“There is no greater love than one lays down his life for another.”  My paraphrase 🙂

Finding ways around the reasons and the excuses is part of laying down our lives. 

I’d love to hear what you think the reasons are. 

I’ll let you know my thoughts Wed.


3 responses to “Why Has The Christian Church Abdicated It’s Role As the Center of the Community

  1. Tag surfing and caught your post… interesting…

    I think a combination of things have contributed to what you are observing. In the modern-day, western culture, most of those who call themselves by the name of Christ are so captive to the materialistic cluture they live in, there is no room in their hearts for truly caring for people as Christ did and taught. Perhaps it has come about through “easy-believe-ism” and none of the “converts” had a clue as to what they were getting into in the first place. Or maybe it has come from a sliding away from true Biblical doctrine? All I know is that in countries where persecution is happening to Christians, they KNOW what it means to care for others. Like I said, it’s a variety of things most likely.

  2. Hey there,
    I found your blog while tag surfing. We gave up our social ministries because it is easier to think that the government can and should do it. We don’t have to touch anything unclean as long as the government is doing it. People stay on government programs for life because there is no accountability. The church is a major contributer to the welfare society that is draining our society.

  3. Amen and Amen to both Carey and Waddey.

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