A Missionary’s “Call”

by Joseph Parker

What makes a missionary?

Have you ever thought about that?

Share with me your thoughts and tell me what you think about KidTrek’s plan to “call” men and women to an American mission field.

The first “missionary” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the Apostle Paul…where did he go…who did he serve…what was his message?

Not only did he seek out the lost and “unreached people groups” of the known world at the time, he went to the urban epicenters of our world.

Not that people living in remote jungles and isolated islands do not need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ…they DO!

But why, if a person has felt led by the Lord to an urban mission field, are we told it is JUST “evangelism?”

Is that not what “missionaries” are doing in their remote jungles and on their isolated islands?

And…just because a family lives right across the street from a “local-church,” why do we deem them to have ACCESS to the Gospel?

Unfortunately, in my experience, I have come to find a family living right across the street from a local church has more barriers to hearing the Gospel than someone, say, living on a remote island.

America needs men and women “called” to a mission field that may be in their own backyard…just down the street…or possibly across town.

KidTrek is seeking men and women right now who are eager to intentionally walk with “at-risk” families through life in a long term manner.

Just as missionaries are “called” to walk through life with natives in foreign countries, who speak other languages, and possibly living on some isolated island…

…KidTrek is seeking missionaries to walk through life with families in America who may know Jesus name purely as a cuss word.

We are looking for missionaries who desire to build intentional long term relationships with American “at-risk” families…

…just as missionaries are doing with “at-risk” families in Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the world.

We desire to see sustainable outcomes as a result of these relationships built and developed over time…

…so thousands of children will grow to become Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults.

Are you one of these missionaries?

Do you know someone who would be passionate about such a “call?”

If so, click here to learn more about the process.

Or, click here to contact us to learn more about what this entails, where we are going, and why we are going there.


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