A Passion for Politics: Obama Raises $4M in ONE Day!

by Joseph Parker

I realize I am a few days behind on this “story,” but as I was walking my dog this morning I had an epiphany.

Why aren’t Christians as passionate about the Gospel as Americans are about politics these days?

I was blown away when I first heard that Barack Obama raised $4 million in one day and I think a total of $7 million in the course of two days.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party, etc., why do Evangelical Christian missionaries struggle so hard at raising the funds they need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Obama gets up and says he has a need and instantaneously has $4 million.

A missionary stands up and says s/he has a need and is met with questions, and statements of financial struggle.

I am not saying that ALL Christians do not give, even sacrificially…many do!

But I find this curious, if not perplexing, to see the vast paradox here; I would imagine a good number of people that gave to Obama were/are Christians.

And the vast majority of them, as I understood it, were under the age of 35.

We are told it is the Baby Boomers with all the money; that is who you go after.

Yet, of that $4 million Obama raised most individuals gave between $25-$100…that’s it!

Obviously, you get enough people together, regardless of age or means, you will raise $4 million pretty fast.

So why do I continually hear of churches struggling to meet their budgets (assuming the budget is not outlandish), or missionaries struggling to raise enough funds to be able to invest in the life of people who have NO idea who Jesus is?

Whether for your local church, World Vision, Mission to The World, OC International, New Tribes, KidTrek, etc., consider your passion as a Christian.

Are you placing it in the right place?

Do we think Obama, Clinton, McCain, Huckabee, or whoever we are “pulling for” is going to “save us?”

Politics will come and go…Presidents will come and go…but the LORD God Almighty and His Gospel message will last for the ages!

Please…weigh in on this…and let me know what your thoughts are on this topic.

Regardless your view, God bless you!


2 responses to “A Passion for Politics: Obama Raises $4M in ONE Day!

  1. Personally, I have given FAR more to my church even so far this year than I have to any political campaign- the $25 I might give to Obama is less than my tithe. So that’s one point of view for you to think on.

    Aside from that, I’d just like to say that money comes with strings, it always does, especially money given for missions. It’s hard for people to donate if they feel that the missionary doesn’t espouse all of their values, isn’t “proving” enough progress, isn’t living small enough, etc, etc, etc. I’m not saying that’s right (because it’s not!) but so often the lack of giving comes from a lack of people feeling they are receiving in return. There’s less of that with political figures because there is a lot more distance. If I were to donate to Obama, I wouldn’t be feeling like he owed me the right to sit down with him and talk about what he plans on achieving with the money.

    And, honestly, I feel like perhaps the way we treat missionaries is wrong. We shouldn’t feel owed a sit down or the right to comb through their budgets. We should give not because we accept some kind of reciprocation, be it material or spiritual, but simply because we are commanded to love and love should be generous.

  2. Shush,

    Thank you for your insight. It sounds like you are one of those individuals I mentioned in my post that is giving to the local church/mission.

    And I agree, I think a lot of people do not give to missions because it might mean their “privacy” would be imposed upon and invite these “missionaries” to call upon them to share what is happening whenever or however they want.

    Giving to a politician might feel “safer” in that regards, due to the distance factor.

    As Christians, we should want to be a part of the mission as much as the missionary, desiring to hear all we can about what they are doing so we may pray, pray, pray in addition to the funds we have chosen to give.

    As Christians, I believe, we should all be like-minded in seeing people hear and respond to the Gospel; that is, the Good News of who Jesus Christ is and what He did for us.

    And therefore, beyond any “heretical” issues, I think we should get behind any and all missions efforts with as much passion as the average American has been getting behind politics this year.

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