Change We Can Believe In

By Wanda Parker

The change I can believe in is when we stop looking for or believing in quick, easy fixes for life’s struggles.  Change that admits what the Invisible Children of America need is long lasting intensive relationships with mature adults. It is change that is intentional, that doesn’t look just at tomorrow but out into the future 30 years from now. 

There is a KidTrek Associate center I visit that leaves me drained and emotional when I get in the car to drive home.  It happened again last week.

The Secondary Nurturers are awesome – they pour into the lives of the kids everyday.  How do they do it?  Where do they get the energy, the emotional strength to keep on keeping on?  No easy fixes here – change comes but it is slow and requires sacrifice on the part of the Secondary Nurturers.

Josiah is a sixth grader that is mentally challenged.  He is so borderline that he will be expected throughout his life to perform normally – so many expectations he can’t meet.  When he reads he can’t remember what he has read.  His Secondary Nurturer had him stop after each sentence and tell him what he had read.  Josiah couldn’t remember.  The Secondary Nurturer said suddenly a light went on in Josiah’s eyes and he realized he couldn’t remember – his brain wouldn’t work – he began to cry.

Change for Josiah means adults who are able to pour into his life to teach him how to cope with his disability.  His parents are overwhelmed and can’t do it.  They are so thankful for the support they are receiving. 

There are thousands of Josiah’s across America – how do we provide lasting change for them?

This is KidTrek’s passion – to bring positive, lasting change to the lives of America’s Invisible Children.  We want to raise up an army of dedicated Secondary Nurturers who are there to fight for the unique needs of each child.

When that happens I will see change that I can believe in.


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