Why Are Public Schools In Such A Mess?

By Wanda Parker

I just came out of a meeting where I heard the following story.

A Secondary-Nurturer has been wanting to meet with the teachers of the kids he mentors.  His purpose for meeting with the teachers is so he can learn what resources each kid needs to move forward.  One of the kids is a boy whose story I told last week – Change We Can Believe In.  This kid needs all the help he can get!

The principal won’t allow the Secondary Nurturers to talk to the teachers.  She has also told the teachers they are not allowed to talk to the Secondary Nurturers.

Yes every parent has signed a release that they want the Secondary Nurturers to talk to the teachers.

The Secondary Nurturers would make the time to find the resources that are needed – such as a nuerologist, a psychologist – whatever will help the kid.  These are things the teachers don’t have the time to do.  But the teacher is with the kid 6-8 hours a day and can give more insight into what the real need of the kid is.

When the public school leaders block those who want to find the needed resources for kids (and not at tax payer expense) it is no wonder that our children in the public schools are going backwards instead of forward.

These Secondary Nurturers will not give up!  They are committed to stand in the gap for these kids.  These kids deserve the best – just because their parents are unsophisticated and scraping by to exist is no reason to leave the kids behind.

Especially when there are loving adults willing to find the resources the kids need.


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