Missionaries To America: Could Christ Be Calling You?

By Wanda Parker

A week ago I wrote about Josiah a boy with a great need.  As I continue to think about him my urgency grows to see missionaries in the field working with kids like Josiah. 


There are so many at-risk kids who need adults in their lives who can/will fight for them. 

If Christ is tugging at your heart that this might be His calling for you but you want more information take a look at the following links.

Once at the KidTrek website browse through it.  If you haven’t read through all our blogs take the time to do it.  Between the blog and the website you will gain a pretty good idea of what we mean by Missionaries To America.


You may not be receiving a call from Christ to be a Missionary To America – but you know someone who is.  Please encourage them to check out everything. 

Pray that the Lord will raise up an army of men and women to work with at-risk kids and their families across America.


6 responses to “Missionaries To America: Could Christ Be Calling You?

  1. Here here, Wanda! Excellent post, excellent blog! God bless!

  2. Thanks Sillyspring! Please pray that the Lord will raise up an army of men and women to work with America’s Invisible Children.

  3. Sounds like an awesome way of bringing God to the community. God has called upon me, but I’m still waiting for where is wants me. All I know is that he wants me to go forth and make disciples of men or at least warn them of Hell. Thank you for your site.
    Alvena, Age: 20

  4. Alvena – God will lead you. Be sure to check out the KidTrek website. http://www.kidtrek.org

  5. oluwasemire nathaniel

    As a missionary to be , i and my colleagues we do go to village evangelism and preach the gosple, but we need some tracts to distribute.how can we get the tract.

  6. I am sorry but we don’t have tracts.

    We have curriculum but you must go through our training to use the curriculum.

    God bless you in your ministry.

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