Christian After-School Programs: More than just after-school

By Wanda Parker

What does it take to make a lasting difference in a kid’s life?

Research continues to show over and over that it takes much more than just a tutoring program, or a drop-in center. 

It takes long-term, intentional relationships not just with the kids but with the families too.

It is impossible for one mentor to be intentional with 30 kids. 

Intentional means:

  • knowing each kid in an in-depth way
  • dreaming of who Jamal can be when he is 40
  • then thinking what it will take to get him to that place
  • then finding the resources to make it happen
  • working with his primary nurturers so they catch the vision too
  • not giving up when the going gets tough
  • being available to Jamal at all times of day and night – just like you are his primary nurturer – but always remembering you aren’t

It is my dream that one day there will be thousands of men and women across our country dedicated to this level of ministry with at-risk kids and their families. 

If you know of a Christian man or woman with a heart to minister to at-risk families suggest they read through the blog and/or go to our website   If it looks like something God is calling them to then encourage them to contact us.


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