Missionaries to America – It is urgent

By Wanda Parker

I laid in bed last night and thought of the 18 year old who had gunned down and killed the 16 year old in Los Angeles last week.  Such a senseless killing.

I grieved because I thought if we had had missionaries in a church near that 18 year old’s home 13 years ago perhaps this senseless killing wouldn’t have happened. 

Who’s fault is it that this 18 year old didn’t receive the necessary nurturing so he would become a productive adult?

Deuteronomy 6 calls on all – not just the parents.  As a Christian I believe it is the responsibility of the church to care for all children within their reach.  That means the children in their community – not just those who attend their services.  As we have pointed out over and over in the postings on this blog, kids need long term, intentional relationships with adults.  The church is involved in a lot of activity – but is that activity intentional and long term so it will bring sustainable results?

More and more kids are being killed on our streets – it is urgent for Christians to heed Matthew 18 – woe to him who is a stumbling block to one of these little ones (my paraphrase).  You say, “But I’m not causing him to stumble – I don’t even know him.”  But if you could have played some part in getting adults into this kid’s life and you refused or neglected to do so then you have been a stumbling block as much as if you stuck your foot out and tripped him.

How can you get involved and make a difference? 

  • You can become a missionary – is Jesus Christ calling you? (If He is check out the steps to become a KidTrek Missionary http://www.kidtrek.org/jointhewalk/Missionary.html )
  • You can give to a ministry that is providing long term, intentional nurturing.  (If KidTrek is your choice you can give on line at https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/KidTrek/OnlineGiving.html )
  • You can tell others, spread the word.  Host a meeting in your home to get others thinking about what they can do.
  • You can pray.  Ask the Lord to raise up missionaries and to provide the funds for them to do His service with/for at-risk kids and their families.  You can pray for those on the front lines for protection, energy, wisdom.

What will you do? 


One response to “Missionaries to America – It is urgent

  1. Grteengs in Jesus name ,How are you doing ?
    Please i request you to visit our church in kenya area called Embu and teach us the word of God
    Yours PST John

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