America’s Invisible Children – What Do They Need?

By Wanda Parker

I was just reading of an amazing man who is working with kids in an inner city neighborhood.  He told of a single father  whose teenage son knows how to push his anger buttons.  The father is dealing with anger issues because he has been with without work for months.  The mentor, I’ll call John, has been going over and spending time with the dad to help him walk through this time; but he doesn’t have a lot of time to do so because John’s bosses (he works for a Christian ministry that works with at-risk kids) don’t catch what at-risk families really need.

As I read I got frustrated because it seems so simple to me.

At-risk kids, America’s Invisible Children, and their families need adults who can walk with them through the difficult times of their lives.

  • Adults who aren’t tied up with doing a lot of needless stuff.
  • Adults who have the education and sophistication to know how to maneuver through bureaucracies.
  • Adults who have the energy, because they have their own support system, to hang in and not give up.
  • Adults who have the freedom to put the needs of kids and their families over an organizaiton’s wants.
  • Adults who understand though it may hurt they must do what is best for the family not what will feel good.
  • Adults who understand and have dealt with the truth that all too often when we go to “help” those in need we are really doing it to satisfy ourselves rather than meeting the REAL needs of those we are “helping.”  It makes the “helper” feel good but it doesn’t really help the one in need.
  • Adults who are fully committed to Jesus Christ and put Him first in their lives so they have the freedom to go against their own feelings and desires to do what is best, not just what is good.

This is what America’s Invisible Children need.

They also need to LEARN and to HAVE click here for those lists

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3 responses to “America’s Invisible Children – What Do They Need?

  1. Very interesting. What was the name of the book?

  2. I’m sorry, it wasn’t a book. It was a report I was reading. If you read through the other postings on the blog or our website you will get more of a feel for our passion.

    If you are interested in research in this area Bonnie Benard is an author who has studied the real needs of at-risk kids. David DuBois has done studies on the results of mentoring. You can get to both via Google. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. My husband & I used to work with at risk teens. I’ll check out your blog.

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