“What’s A Jesus?”

By Wanda Parker

“What’s a Jesus?” As we enter Holy Week I remember this question asked by a child in inner-city Philadelphia.  He had only heard the word Jesus in cussing.  He was wondering what it meant.

Isn’t it sad that a child in America doesn’t even know who Jesus is?

Note he didn’t even ask “who” but “what” is a Jesus. 

I thought of this child yesterday when our pastor said, “Because Jesus died for us we will never have to experience what He experienced.” Wow! This child doesn’t have to experience hell, I never have to experience hell, no human has to ever experience hell if I/they submit their lives to Jesus.

But there are so many children growing up in America today who have no understanding of “What/Who Jesus is.”

Do you know Jesus?  If you do, as you go through this “Holy Week” I am sure you are going to think of what Christ has done for you.  Will you also think of all the children across America who have never had the opportunity you have had to hear about Jesus?  What will you do this coming year to make sure more children in America know who the real Jesus is?

Take time this week to read Matthew 18:1-14 and Mark 10:13-16 – ask Jesus what you might do to bring the little ones to Him.


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