Counter Culture

By Wanda Parker

Jesus, God become man, came to earth to draw humans to Him who would stand against the dominant culture of the day.

To me that means men and women who are willing to first of all submit to Jesus Christ and give Him control of their lives.  When one does that we are told in the book of James in the Bible that if the individual has truly submitted to Christ s/he will be moved to works.  Those works are done because of the tremendous awareness of what Christ has done for the individual and thus the individual out of love performs God’s works.  These works leads one to become counter culture.

Followers of Jesus Christ are the ones who should be leading the way to look beyond felt needs to what are the real needs of others.  Because my passion is the Invisible Children of America let’s take a look at what that would look like if we did that.

Felt needs vs Real Needs

  • Funds for material goods vs. funds for adults to build intentional, long term relationships
  • Covering pain today vs. looking ahead 30 years at what the kid needs to become a productive adult 
  • Fixing physical needs vs. devloping the whole child (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and social)

Those are just a few of the felt vs. real needs.  Meeting the real needs of the Invisible Children of America takes time, a lot more money, energy, and tenaciousness. 

It means being counter cultural because our culture today just wants to throw easy fixes at the kids – those easy fixes don’t work for the long term. 


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