Missionaries to America – What Do They Do?

By Wanda Parker

I can only answer this question as it relates to KidTrek.

KidTrek equips Christian ministries to train adults to mentor at-risk kids toward a Christ-centered, hope-filled future.

The missionaries are on site of a church.  They train the adults in the churches through modeling.  (If you are interested in the detail of what a Secondary Nurturer is trained to do you can find a description here http://kidtrek.org/white/ )

Each missionary builds a relationship with five at-risk families.  The missionary works with each family to assist them in growing mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially so they can move from the at-risk category.  It is a slow, tedious process based on friendship not authority. 

The missionary runs an after school program, KidTrek Center, where one child from each family attends three days a week.  At the center the children receive Bible teaching, life skills training, recreation, healthy snacks, crafts, and homework assistance.  It is through working with the children that the parents begin to trust the missionaries.

The missionary trains the Primary Nurturers of the kids how to maneuver through the bureaucracy – whether that be schools, medical fields, court systems.  The training is not done in a classroom but by the missionary walking with them through the process. 

The missionary dreams with the Primary Nurturer of who his/her child might become.  Then assist in laying out a plan for the child to get the education needed, the social skills, etc. to become all s/he can become.

The missionary builds a core of volunteers willing to provide assistance, in their area of expertise, to the families.  One family may need medical care and have no insurance, another may need legal assistance, another may have a leaking roof and no money to get it fixed.  The missionary is the conduit to empower the community to help those in need. 

As the missionary works with the families others will be watching and we believe will get involved at the level they are able.  The missionaries will provide training classes once there is an interest amongst other adults in the church.

If you think Jesus Christ might be calling you to serve Him as a Missionary to America through KidTrek go to http://kidtrek.org/jointhewalk/Missionary.html


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