Curriculum – Abandonment

By Wanda Parker

“Biblical truths are often learned by kids on a cognitive level. The difficulty comes in the transition from “learned truth” to “lived out” truth. Kid Trek has been invaluable in helping our kids make that transition. Key to this is the fact that KidTrek’s view of the gospel is grounded in real life.  Jesus doesn’t always deliver from difficulty, but is always present in it and working redemptively through it. I have found that as we teach through the Kid Trek curriculum, Jesus breaks into their world.” Forrest Short, Associate Center Director.  

The children in KidTrek Centers have all too often experienced abandonment in their lives.  So in our curriculum we address that issue.

What could be worse than to be rejected, abandoned, sold into slavery by the very people with whom God designed for you to be the closest? Through a study of Joseph we deal with the issue of abandonment. Though we be abandoned by parents, siblings, friends, co-workers we have the promise of God that He will never abandon us once we submit our lives to Him.  Throughout the Bible we see God the Father reaching out to us, His creation, with a lasting love.  Though Adam and Eve ignored The Father’s commandment to not eat of the tree of good and evil, yet God seeks Adam to reestablish a relationship with him. Again we see The Father reach out to each of us as He gives the ultimate, His own Son, to rescue us sinners and to give us eternal life.  “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.”  I John 3:16
Though Joseph experienced rejection over and over He continued to keep his eyes on God.  He gained strength from his knowledge that God had a purpose in each piece of pain.  Genesis 50:20

We never tell the kids that coming to Jesus will make their lives easier – we do tell them that Jesus will be there with them through everything they experience.  We do tell them that there is always a purpose, even though we may not know or understand that purpose in this life time.

If you are interested in the lay out of the curriculum click here.


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