Children In Crisis

By Wanda Parker

A child at a KidTrek Associate Ministry lost both her mother and grandmother on the same day.  Her mother was in a foreign country because the cancer treatment was less expensive – so the child wasn’t able to really say goodby to her mother.

The father is dealing with his own grief.  The siblings are dealing with their grief.  They do not belong to a church family that can provide a buffer for this child.  The father isn’t sophisticated enough, even if he had the money, to see that his child needs counseling.

Who is there to walk through this difficult time with this child-in-crisis?

There is a Secondary Nurturer!  If you want to know more about Secondary Nurturers click here .

This child doesn’t need balls, crayons, computers, videos – she needs a human who can spend time with her talking about her mom.  It is always so easy to throw things at kids when what they really need is people.

This is just one child in crisis – there are thousands and thousands out there who need a loving adult to walk through life with them.  This is why KidTrek is placing missionaries in churches across America.

To learn more read through the previous blogs.

To help fund a missionary/secondary nurturer click here

Do you feel Christ calling you to be a missionary/secondary nuruturer?  click here


One response to “Children In Crisis

  1. children are always in crisis … in every age, every generation. Some things have never changed … since the times of factories and night hours.

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