Chicago – 32 Shot, 6 Dead – Where Are The Activists?

By Wanda Parker

The first thing I heard on the news this morning was the report that 32 were shot in Chicago over the weekend – so far 6 have died.

Can you imagine the uproar if we had awoken on a Monday morning to hear that this had happened in Iraq?

Where are the activists?

The problem is that the activists would want the government to fix this – but it isn’t a government problem.  It is a parental problem, a societal problem.  The government would just make it worse.  I would love activists challenging parents to parent; challenging churches to step up and take responsibility for not doing what Christ has called them to do. Matthew 18:1-14, Deuteronomy 6

This is a sign of poverty of the soul – the American government can’t fix poverty of the soul.

This is why KidTrek is placing missionaries into churches to come alongside and support these families that have been broken for generations.  Throwing money at them doesn’t fix the poverty of the soul.  Spending an hour or two a week with a kid doesn’t address the issues of generational brokenness. 

I told my husband this morning I was at the point of just wanting to give up because Americans don’t seem to care about what is happening with these kids, these families.  I know I can’t give up – I have a greater fear of God Almighty, He is the one who continues to challenge me to keep on keeping on and not turn back.

It is interesting that Chicago is the next place that we will be placing missionaries – we are looking for interested churches. 

If you would like to join KidTrek in walking through life with at-risk kids and their families and you are a first time visitor to our blog take some time to read through it; in doing so you will get a feel for our passion and vision.  We cannot do this alone!  We are praying the Lord will raise up an army of committed  people with a passion to see the Invisible Children of America reached.  Jesus Christ uses people in different ways – see below how you might join the walk.

Click Here to be a Giving Warrior  Missionaries need to be supported to give their whole life to working with these families.

Click Here to be a Prayer Warrior This vision will only happen if Jesus Christ starts touching Christians to give their lives to making a difference in America.

Click Here if Christ is calling you to be a missionary in America.


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