After-School Programs – Must Be Intentional

By Wanda Parker

The Invisible Children of America need more than just a randomly run after-school program that they can drop into if they feel like it.

They need adults who know how to be intentional with them so they learn from example. Betty and Darrel Watson are two such people in the lives of Invisible Children. They recently celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary and decided to do so with the kids with whom they have been walking through life for many years now.

Why is this significant?

Because most of these kids have never known a couple who has been married that long – they didn’t think it was possible.

Below are pictures of the celebration and Betty’s comments.

Here are pictures of our two days of parties with the kids at Farm Drive for our 46th anniversary, April 14th. The occasion was the perfect opportunity to share with the kids God’s plan for marriage in our lives.

Note that their own kids and grandkids are part of the celebration.

More intentional modeling.

We made the cake last for both groups on both days and still had enough left to share with Steve and Rena who were there working on Tuesday and with Pete and Jessica who got home before we left that day. Note the beautiful rose in a water bottle – made a perfect vase! The kids weren’t sure that the picture was really of us. Marcus comment – “you looked better here” he said as he pointed at the photo.

The rose is a double delight from the yard at Farm Drive. Rena picked it and brought it in.

Marcus (Center back in light blue shirt) asked us if he could have a picture with us and so part of the kids jumped up and joined us for a picture.

Sharing with the kids God’s plan for marriage. That is our daughter Karen with the blond pony tail in the left bottom and Katy Assadi on right.

Rapt listeners!! Great kids!!

Karen and Justin are the blonds with Cassie just out of picture on the left. Karen is our daughter, Cassie and Justin our grandkids. They moved to Farm Drive to live and minister15 years ago when Cassie was 3 months old. Justin was born while they lived there.

We all listen attentively as “Mr. Watson” explains commitment and the importance of commitment in life as well as in marriage. When he asked them what commitment meant, Jasmin replied “Keeping a promise”!! One of the older kids on Tuesday replied, “It’s what we did when we signed a contract and promised to come to KidTrek everyday!” Right on kids!!

Tuesday group of older kids

Can you tell that there is only about 2/3 of the cake left from yesterday? See the pink blob in my right hand? A large rose fell off when I was holding the cake up for the picture. Fortunately it did not fall on any of the girls heads in front of me.

Cutting the cake so we can “feed each other a piece”!

We did this at the request of the kids – aren’t you going to feed each other they asked? And so we did.


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