The Audacity of Hope

By Wanda Parker

I thought it would be good today to look at what the audacity of Hope looks like from KidTrek’s perspective.

Hope indicates that one can look into the future and see a possibility of things being better than what they are today.  For families in crisis this is often impossible to do.  Today I am going to mainly address the needs of families living in poverty.

The initial response from most people is that we should give them money and things.  But reality, if one takes time to look at the big picture, is that money and things do not meet their larger need.  We have all heard the saying, “Give a person a fish and they will have one meal, teach them how to fish and they will be able to eat forever.”

How do you do that?  It doesn’t happen by taking money from the wealthy and giving it to the poor.

You do it by getting middle class and wealthy individuals involved in the lives of the poor.  They walk through life TOGETHER. 

“In doing so they learn from each other, they connect to each other and care for each other.  For students from generational poverty to learn, a significant relationship must be present.  When individuals who made it out of poverty are interviewed, virtually all cite an individual who made a significant difference for them.  Not only must the relationships be present, but academic tasks need to be referenced in terms of relationships.” Ruby Payne, Understanding and Working With Students and Adults of Poverty

This is KidTrek’s vision – training individuals, through modeling, in churches how to be involved with families in crisis.  Church members see what KidTrek staff are doing and they want to get involved.  Thus more and more individuals begin to walk through life with families in crisis.  During this walk families in crisis have modeled for them how to manuver through beuracracies, how to parent, how to get and maintain a job – the list is endless.  It is done through relationship not just telling them what to do. 

When this begins to happen there will truly be an audacity of hope not only for the poor – but for everyone involved.  This is going to draw more to get involved.  This is when we will see real change happen. 

And yes, there may even be a bit of transfer of wealth – but it won’t be because the government says you have to do it.  It will be voluntary and willingly as people help others. 

If you haven’t done so before read through our previous blogs to see in more detail how this might happen.

If you want to join the walk click here and let us know 


2 responses to “The Audacity of Hope

  1. Thank you for putting words to what is so important for people to understand. Truly hope comes through relationship with Christ and seeing that lived out through a significant adult. At our center, we are starting to see people from our neighborhood, with a background of poverty wanting to mentor children. What are some of your suggestions on coaching and training?

  2. Sarah,

    That is awesome – it says something about the ministry you have had in the community for these many years.

    If those who want to mentor are Christians I would get them involved. Have them work alongside you and your staff. From your connections with middle class churches ask the Lord to provide volunteers to partner with the mentors from your community.

    This has a double benefit. The community volunteer learns through relationship from the middle class individual. The middle class individual learns from the community volunteer what the real needs of the community are. In the end there is a double blessing that takes place.

    As KidTrek places missionaries into churches we believe this is the vision the Lord has given us.

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