Curriculum for Christian After School Programs

By Wanda Parker

To see a sample of KidTrek Curriculum click here

  • We learn best when we are totally involved in the learning process. 
  • Children are concrete thinkers, all Christian concepts are abstract.

KidTrek curriculum includes what we call a Reality Check for each concept that is taught.  The Reality Check takes the abstract concept being taught and allows the kids to experience it so they internalize the concept and in doing so it becomes concrete to them.  The best way to describe a Reality Check is to give you an example.  The one below has been used often and it is always fun to see the kids reactions as they process.  

The lesson objective is: The kids will know that, because Adam and Eve sinned, all humans are separated from God and in need of His mercy.

The lesson subjective is: the beginning of a desire to receive God’s mercy.

A child exclaimed in the midst of the Bible story after having gone through this Reality Check, “We were just Adam and Eve and we all sinned!”

The display of the lesson is altered a little to fit here. I will give more explanation on Wednesday’s post

Reality Check


  MATERIALS:  Assorted foods (read below- your decision)         

  • Begin the experience with a snack today
  • If your teens normally eat snack with the rest of the kids, they can be part of this same experience.  Then separate them from the younger ones during the debriefing.
  • The ideal would be to have some people of the church provide the following snack
    • Sandwich fixings
    • Salads – potato, green, macaroni, fruit
    • Chips – whatever your kids like the most
  • Tell the kids that they can eat everything on the table except the chips
    • Make sure kids know that they cannot eat from the chips or there will be a consequence
  • If they take even one chip, there will be a severe consequence
  • Tell them as they enter not to begin until after everyone has prayed together
  • Before praying, tell them that there is one important rule you want them to follow today
    • If they break the rule, the consequences will be great
    • They may eat anything on the table except this one dish
  • Secondary nurturers might be in another room where they observe what is eaten
  • Have an adult the kids don’t know, walk around the snack room trying to entice them to eat the forbidden food
  • The “serpent” (the unknown adult) should look like someone they would respect.  Remember, the Bible tells us the enemy comes as an angel of light.  Satan was the most beautiful angel; he did not appear to Adam and Eve as an evil being
  • While the “serpent,” the unknown adult, is enticing the kids, the secondary nurturers should be busy doing something else, seemingly unaware of what is happening.
  • Use some of the enticements that Satan used – the secondary nurturers just want it for themselves; nothing is going to happen to you; they are just fooling you
  • The “serpent” should be aware of which kids follow his/her lead to eat of the forbidden food
  • When everyone is finished eating, have them gather in a circle on the floor
  • The “serpent” should stay in character throughout the debriefing time
  • Do not debrief until the beginning of Bible Focus/Bible 101
  • The “serpent” meets individually with Secondary nurturers to let them know which kids s/he will falsely accuse
  • Be sure the “serpent” and secondary nurturer agree on which kids are innocent and will be falsely accused
  • Secondary Nurturers – For this Reality Check to work, you mus stick to your guns as God did with Adam and Eve. 
    • Make sure all the kids know there will be bad consequences to those who disobey and good consequences for those who obey..


  • Well, it is now time for the rewards to be given out.  Secondary nurturers, did any of your kids eat from the forbidden food?
    Secondary nurturers mention the kids who were enticed.  The ‘serpent” mentions the kids s/he saw.  The “serpent” also accuses some innocent kids.  The secondary nurturer speaks up immediately and defends the innocent kids.  Be sure you know who is innocent and who is guilty.
  • O.K. I would like everyone who ate the forbidden food to come stand by me.
    Once they are all up by the facilitator, you send them into another room with the “serpent”
  • All who ate of the forbidden food must now go off with (name of individual playing the “serpent”) You who ate of the forbidden food will not receive the reward that everyone else will receive.  Everyone else is going to receive 100 KidTrek bucks.  When the store is open today, you do not get to go to the store.
    The “serpent” takes the kids to another room where they have to just sit for awhile.  It should be a boring, restless time; no talking, no interacting; just sitting.  The secondary nurturers give all the other kids 100 KidTrek Bucks each.  They open the store for immediate gratification.

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