Curriculum – After School Programs Part 2

By Wanda Parker

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As we teach children through Reality Experiences we move to a whole new level of teaching.  The kids become engaged in learning not only on an intellectual level but also on an emotional level.  The concept taught becomes real, concrete and the kids are able to internalize the concept.


When you use a flannel graph you are in total control of the lesson.  You know pretty much exactly how things will happen.

However, when teaching experientially, you are no longer in control of the flow of the lesson.  The Holy Spirit has control.  You know that if it is going to work, you must be totally dependent on the Lord.  It requires a great deal of prayer.

The lessons mentioned have been done many times, but each time the children responded differently.  The adults had to rely on the Holy Spirit to direct them.


It is important to sit the children down after the lesson and debrief what they have experienced.  Use feeling words.  Get them to talk about what they felt and what they are feeling now.  Do they understand the consequence?  Do they understand there is always a consequence to all our choices and actions?  There are good consequences and there are bad consequences, but there is always a consequence to every decision, every action.

The debriefing is vital!  The children must have the opportunity to talk through what they have experienced so that they gain the correct perspective.  Debriefing has been known to last for days as the children keep coming back to what they experienced.  The Secondary Nurturers lovingly talk with them and allow them to express what they are thinking and feeling.  In the process there is often pain and anger that rises to the surface from their life circumstances.  For the first time they are in a safe place where they can deal with their inner pain in an appropriate manner.


For this teaching to be effective, it is important to follow through on the consequences.

Note:  Do not feel sorry for the children and give in!  One of the struggles we have today is that children aren’t being taught there are bad consequences in life.

If you have the spiritual gift of compassion, reality teaching may be difficult for you in the beginning.  However, experience has shown that as Secondary Nurturers see the results, they get excited about using REALITY LEARNING ACTIVITIES.


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