“No Child Left Behind” Lacks Critical Thinking

By Wanda Parker

There are few adults in America who wouldn’t agree the education of our children is in dire straits.

One of the few times the Republicans and Democrats worked together was to set up “No Child Left Behind.”  And yet!!!!  Children are still being left behind.

Why?              I believe it is because we are always looking for easy answers.  

The government has set teachers up for failure.  Teachers are forced to teach so kids will pass tests – not so they will learn.  I know it would appear that if a kid has passed a test that s/he has learned.  But true learning is much more than input in-input out. 

After school programs who receive government funding must sustain a certain level of attendance that has nothing to do with what is actually happening with the kids.  Tutors are so driven by the numbers game they forget their own education on how children learn. 

True learning involves understanding and the ability to think critically – something politicians seem to have difficulty doing.  When will people truly care about the children and provide them the type of education they need? 



4 responses to ““No Child Left Behind” Lacks Critical Thinking

  1. You’re stuck in a Catch 22 situation. Before No Child Left Behind there was essentially no accountability for teacher and schools. The program was required to ensure accountability. Sadly we forget to take into account that the teachers and the schools would take the path of least resistance and just teach for the tests.

  2. NCLB is, even overseas where I live, regarded as a high form of idiocy. Overseas educational professionals look at it and simply sadly shake their heads because anyone who understands even the basics of logic can clearly see it does nothing but cripples schools and teachers … not to mention wasting a lot of time and money.

  3. I don’t know the details of NCLB but it sounds very like a similar end result we have in the UK where the teachers teach to the test – even as far as only doing the scenes from Shakespeare plays that they have been told will come up in the test! Some drama companies now put on just those scenes… It affects every subject at every level. Madness. Whatever happened to real learning that takes place wherever the child is – based on his or her own needs? I agree it started as something to make sure teachers were doing a good job but it’s got totally out of perspective.

  4. The biggest problem with NCLB is that it cripples the Gifted children. NCLB gives most of the money to special needs children, and completely ignores the Gifted children thinking that if they are so smart they can take care of themselves. I don’t want the government to take away the funding for special needs children, but I would like them to give the same amount of money to the Talented and Gifted programs.

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