Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

By Wanda Parker

We went to see Prince Caspian Saturday night and enjoyed it.  We, my husband and I, both think it is better than the first one.

But as I sat in the packed theater I was struck by  the subtle message of the movie.

When we try to move out ahead of God, Aslan, we will end in defeat.  We are dependent on His timing, His ways.  We also must seek Him and not be so proud to think we can do it on our own.

I needed that message as we go through the slow process to place missionaries in churches to minister to needs of families in crisis, to touch the lives of at-risk kids.  I get so impatient because with each day that passes kids grow older and more difficult to reach.

The movie Saturday night was another reminder – GOD KNOWS!

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3 responses to “Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

  1. the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story better than i would have expected… i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case

  2. I guess I have to have the dissenting view on this movie. The book’s primary and relentless focus was on seeing, trusting, and following Jesus (Aslan) in spite of what others would say or do. Unlike the first movie that followed the book very closely, this one twisted the main premise to make Aslan an after-thought. This movie was about a war where Aslan comes to the rescue. Aslan was never placed first or before the armys, nor was invoked (for lack of better term) or relied apon as the one who would win the war. In the book Aslan played a major role through half of the book, but in this movie was used 15-20 minutes at the end. Again, Jesus as the AFTER THOUGHT.

    Personally I was very excited to see this movie because the first one stayed pretty true to the book. Half way through the movie I found myself angry that the message you were struck with was so obviously lacking in this movie. When talking with people, many just believed Aslan came to save the day at the end like a superhero. God/Jesus is far more than any superhero or afterthought.

    To use your quote: “When we try to move out ahead of God, Aslan, we will end in defeat. We are dependent on His timing, His ways. We also must seek Him and not be so proud to think we can do it on our own.” – This was the message of the book but not of the movie.

    On a lighter note, the special effects where good. :o)

  3. Justin…I cannot begin to agree with you more…you so hit the nail on the head about the differences between the movie and the book.

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