After School Programs That Transform Lives

By Wanda Parker

I was visiting a center when John, the Director, said, “I hope you don’t mind but I made an appointment for you to meet the principal at the school where all our kids attend.  I think she will be able to give you insight into how the center has truly helped the kids.”

We had a great visit and the principal had told me the changes she had seen in each of the kids and how amazed she was, “It isn’t just the grades that I am impressed with, it is the change in behavior.”

Suddenly she looked at John and said, “I sure am enjoying the Agape Class at the church.”

“The the what?” John questioned.  He was so shocked I thought I was going to need to pick him up off the floor.

“The Agape Class,” the principal continued. “When I saw the change in Josenique’s mom I knew I had to get to know the God who could do that.”

Josenique’s mom had been a prostitute and a drug addict when Josenique began attending the center.  Josenique submitted her life to Jesus and attended the church which sponsored the center.  She began to beg her mom to go to church too – her mom went, submitted her life to Jesus and was transformed.  She stopped doing drugs, she stopped prostituting herself, she got a job – she was transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

The principal watched in the background all that happened.  She too wanted to experience this transforming power.  Key here is that no one ever spoke a word about Jesus to the principal, she merely observed.

 Josenique’s family was in crisis. KidTrek’s vision is that this will happen all across America as churches become intentionally involved in serving families in crisis. 

Would you like to be part of reaching families in crisis?  You can do so by joining with KidTrek in The Walk

Could Christ be calling you to serve families in crisis?  Click here

Is Christ calling you to financially support a “Missionary” who is on the front lines?  Click here

Are you a prayer warrior?  Would you like to pray regularly for KidTrek’s Mission to reach families in crisis across America?  Click here   To receive “The Walk” which will give you regular updates of how to be praying Click here


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