After School Programs – Is Yours Safe?

By Wanda Parker

It is absolutely vital that we keep the children safe.  Just because you are hiring “Christians” doesn’t mean they don’t have emotional problems and could be a danger to the children.  Every individual who interacts with the children must be vetted. 

This is just one of the check lists KidTrek goes through as we hire staff or interview volunteers.



¨     Application forms filled out and in file

¨     Reference letters in file

¨     Fingerprinting/Megan’s Law response in file

¨     Interview form in file

  •     Heard personal testimony
  •     Read through with applicant:

o     Purpose Statement

o     Guiding Values

o     Philosophy of Ministry

o     Program Format

o     List of opportunities for service

o     Job Descriptions

o     Purpose of all day training

o     Purpose of Quarterly Review/Training/Planning Time

Determine where the Lord is calling applicant to serve

¨     Child Abuse Reporting Acknowledgment signed and in file

¨     Child Safety Guidelines Acknowledgment signed and in file

¨     Incident Report and Activity Approval Acknowledgment signed and in file



You may be interested in seeing what our curriculum looks like – KidTrek Curriculum  click here  and then click here




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