Christian After School Programs – Training

By Wanda Parker

We are now providing on-line training.
For more information click here

“In mission there’s a documented correlation between preparation and longevity.  If you want a ministry that will last for the long haul, you have to invest in the training of its leaders.  That’s what KidTrek does with excellence.”  Rev. Cliff Warner, Rector, Church of the Holy Trinity, Austin, Texas

KidTrek training is eight intense days of covering every aspect of working with Families at Risk.


Experiencing childhood – again!

Experiencing Childhood - Again


Everything from how to work as a team to writing goals and everything in between.


Recreation is fun for everyone – but there is so much more. 


How do you work with the school, social workers, police, etc?


You know what to do if a kid starts choking – do you know what to do if a kid tells you he is going to commit suicide?

There is so much more to the training – but I do want you to know we do have a time to just go have fun.

Another post that shares more of the direction of our training  click here

If you want to read our White Paper on Secondary Nurturers click here which is what we train you to become.


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